First picture of Piper and her girls
My mom with Piper and her babies
Much needed sleep!
Does it get any better then this?
August 9th ~ 2008
Piper & Boots puppies have arrived! 

Piper delivered two beautiful girls Saturday morning. The first girl was born at 5:20 am weighing 12.09 oz. The second girl arrived at 6:05 am weighing 16 oz.  Piper is an AWESOME mom! She is taking such good care of her babies, she's very attentive and loving! 

Tails and Dewclaws were done on Tuesday, I think the puppies handled it better then  Piper who waited in the exam room with my mom.   Both girls are gaining weight and doing great!

The girls have been given temporary names "Lexi & Laci"   Click on any photo to enlarge.
Lexi already has her favorite place to snuggle with mom
Comforting each other after their visit to the vet
Laci & Lexi
I adore my girls
Mother and Daughter Laci
Laci and Lexi
Quick Nap at Lunchtime
Lexi - day 10
Lexi and Laci day 10
Piper and Lexi
Laci practices her Time Out!
Laci ponders what life outside the box will be like?
Lexi strikes a pose
I LOVE my mom
Laci finds a new use for the dumbbell
My Aunt Anne said I'm going to love this thing!
Quick follow me!
Lexi telling her mom a secret