Doran Vizslas puts much thought and time into planning a breeding.   We’re committed to researching pedigrees, health, type, temperament and trainability to ensure the right stud dog is chosen.  

Our goal is to preserve the versatility of the breed as well as meeting the Vizsla standard.  This ensures that our puppies will be able to compete in a variety of venues; show/conformation, agility, obedience as well as retaining the natural hunting instinct in the field.

We hold health and temperament equally important as type and trainability. Our desire is that our puppies will be loved family companions enjoying a long happy, healthy life with their new families

When inquiring about a Doran puppy you will be asked a lot of questions;  as these puppies are a labor of love and part of the Doran Vizsla family.  You will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire and participate in a phone interview.  This helps me to know I am placing the correct puppy with you, and allows us to build a relationship that will last the lifetime of the puppy.   

Vizslas make wonderful family companions; however they are not a breed for everyone. Please do your research on this breed before purchasing a puppy. We do sell on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration, unless you plan on showing your new puppy in conformation shows.

We do not breed often, so if you are interested in a Vizsla puppy and we do not have puppies available, we will gladly refer you to other reputable breeders.

Living with a Vizsla will change your life!  If you’re interested in learning more about the Vizsla, please contact us 

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