Additional Resources 

 Kizmar Vizslas ~  Kathy Rust
 Onofrio Dog Shows
OFA ~ Orthopedic Foundations for Animals

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 Panacea Vizslas  ~ Melissa Lembke

Natural Rearing
Roy Jones Dog Show
 Info Dog
~  An alternative, holistic, complementary         health care for pets
Affiliated Clubs
The Whole Dog Journal 
Show Superintendents:
 ~ Guide to Natural dog care & training
Clean Run Production
  ~ Dog agility enthusiasts
Vizsla Database-  Vizsla Smooth & Wirehair Pedigree database
Jackpot Vizslas 
~ Vicki McGregor 
Twin Cities Vizsla Rescue 
Vizsla Breeder Vizsla Breeder & Stud Dog Registry
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